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The Czechoslovak archaeoastronautical association (ČsAAA) was founded 1990, on the 12th of May. It was the very first organization to unite everyone who was interested in unexplained issues from the ancient astronautics, UFO and psychotronics, to historical mysteries and creationism or cryptozoology. 


The primary objectives of the ČsAAA used to be informative and educational. It was also felt to be neccessary to follow certain common ideas and to unite people with common interests. 


There used to be over 600 members in the ČsAAA when it was on its peak. But very soon, some members overestimated their possibilities within the organization. The others began to have different interests and all the particular streamings within the association later had centrifugal tendencies. 


The regional plants, if they existed, began to decline. Only the members from Plzeň founded the Club of psychotronics and UFO (KPUFO) that began to rise gradually to the republic level. The majority of the original members were now concentrated in the new body.


In the ČsAAA, there used to be many great personalities on the field of research, also great publicists and writers - Zdeněk Ministr, Jitka Lenková, Jaromír Jindra, Petr Vokáč, Ivan Mackerle, Vladimír Šiška, Ladislav Lenk and others.


In 2009 the new era of ČsAAA regeneration came. Currently they focus merely on archaeoastronautics, history and archaeology in order to avoid the possible encounter with other simillar organizations. As far as practice is concerned they are about to collaborate tightly with colleagues from abroad. As far as the content of their activities is concerned, it should contain not only foreign, but also local affairs.


The local archaeoastronautical topics in the Czech republic are those: the monuments made of megaliths, deposits of tektites (moldavites), looking for raw objects of iron, or messages on anomalous phenomena in the chronicles and other literature. The Czech research workers are certainly able to solve these and many other world enigmas.

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